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by Sarah Birdsong

Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman

Here you will find a cat-loving vvitch puzzling over the world for want of wit; editor and copywriter by day, artist and drive-by writer by night. When I created this blog, I had every intention of making into a proper vehicle for my thoughts. In spite of this, I’ve found myself struggling with writing topics. As such, anything I post will likely be followed by intermittent silence.

Let’s start with an introduction.

To start, I was a prolific writer in my childhood; notebooks were filled to the brim with poetry and stories. However, my adulthood has seen my work leaning more technical than creative. And while I knew I wanted a professional writing career, I also knew that compensation for the life I wanted would be difficult to find.

In addition to my writing, artwork occupies a substantial premium in my life. From the moment I could hold tools in my dirty hands I’ve been creating. As I’ve grown my methods of creation have varied. For example, I had a brief pottery stint, I’ve dabbled with a sewing machine, I’ve painted, I’ve sculpted, and I’ve performed.

However, this blog is first and foremost a means of storing my thoughts on the following:

A waterfall of Anthropological ramble.

The most noteworthy aspect of my life is that when I began my post-secondary education, I studied Fine Art first. By all accounts, artwork was my first love. However, an introductory course in Anthropology had me switching gears completely. I ended up graduating with a Bachelors of Anthropology and Technical Writing. Both of these subjects wholly changed my worldview. For one, my Anthropology professors wrangled my tendency to wax and wane. Anthropologists don’t appreciate humor; the ability to state your purpose succinctly is paramount. Secondly, Technical Writing helped me to organize my studies comprehensively.

In order words, Anthropology expanded my ability to research but Technical Writing helped me in presenting it. And though I didn’t realize it at the time, they were perfectly complementary. For this reason, you will find a wealth of Anthropological thoughts on the world in my blog. You will often find these thoughts sprinkled in my traveling entries, though I do intend to share my research papers from my college tenure.

Detailed accounts of the roads I’ve traveled.

By the age of eighteen, I had visited twenty-one states. I was eighteen when I first traveled to Germany, where I visited München, Vilseck, and Nürnberg. Given that I had all but grown up on the road, I have never felt comfortable staying in one place for very long. Additionally, my family was impecunious and lived off the land while traveling through the countryside. Picking Saskatoons in Thunder Bay to can for the winter is one of my favorite childhood memories. I am still drawn by an insatiable desire for locations remote and document my travels extensively.

Discussions on the political trappings of the world.

I have a learning disability called dyscalculia and the resulting diagnosis has been one of my defining experiences. But there doesn’t seem to be any substantial literature on dyscalculia past school age. For this reason, I want this blog to be a resource for those who share this impairment. Furthermore, I was raised in a fundamentalist household. All things considered, being homeschooled from an early age in the wake of the Satanic Panic has informed my views on feminism and spiritual autonomy.

You can find my work on these topics at Medium.

Education Divided by Religion details my experiences with this disability and its effects on my everyday life.

On Women and Rights: Thoughts for International Women’s Day encapsulates my challenge to conventional thinking that feminism is an all or nothing game.

Commentary on spiritualism.

I have been a practicing Urglaawe Heathen since 2009. “Heathen” is not an affected title for the purposes of fashionable edge; it is a tenant often misused by the ill-informed. It denotes my worldview, not my desire to be seen as something other than what I am. Further, I chose German during my undergraduate tenure to assist me in thumbing through old Teutonic literature of the pre-Christian people of the heaths.

An “All Black Everything” lifestyle.

The phrase “all black everything” is a part of my daily life. I will share my decorating tastes in the ways that I have found them to be tasteful. I’ve found my personal aesthetic to be somewhere between hedge vvitch and adult goth girl struggling to avoid kitsch. Additionally, I will share any recipes I’ve come up with that avoid tasting like rubbery cardboard twice reheated.


It is only now as I stare down the barrel of thirty do I find myself writing professionally as a Copywriter, and find myself sharing my work with the world. In this blog you will find tidbits of spirituality and heathenism; a vvitch of the heaths living in the city; anthropological ramblings; plant-based recipes; travel, and other topics that do not fit into the artwork and design you will find in my online portfolio at Unlettered Heathen.

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